Auction Advantages

Some of the Advantages of Selling Your Property AT AUCTION

  1. Annoying requests for your property to be shown at all times of the day and evening are virtually eliminated. We schedule set preview dates which allow you to continue living your life while the property is being marketed! There’s no need to worry about those unmade beds, dirty dishes in the sink, scattered toys, or telephone calls at all hours.
  2. Auctions seek the HIGHEST SALES PRICE possible. No “guesstimated value” is pre-determined for your property as in a strictly traditional listing.
  3. The Auction Firm commission is paid through the use of a Buyers Premium. There is NO COMMISSION to the Seller.
  4. The Auction method creates URGENCY…”If you want this property, you’d better bid… NOW!”
  5. You have a distinct, set time-frame on which to plan. An auction can take place in as little as 30 days from the time we meet. Settlement occurs 30-45 days following the auction.
  6. Your property can be sold in As-Is condition, so there are no “hoops” for the Seller to jump through in order to get to settlement. If an inspection uncovers a “flaw”, the property is sold with the flaw. In other words, the Seller is not forced by the Buyer to make repairs, paint, replace carpet, clean the chimney, etc., etc., etc.
  7. All terms of sale are set by the Seller and Auction Firm. This eliminates attempts at pre or post-sale negotiations by the Purchaser.
  8. Your closing costs are greatly reduced and the holding period is much shorter when compared to traditional real estate marketing. These things alone can SAVE A SELLER 10-15% in expenses.
  9. The sale is subject to your approval. If the bid is too low, you simply don’t accept it.
  10. In addition to display advertising, we make your auction offering available to all area Realtors. We happily cooperate with licensed brokers in our effort to successfully market your property!
  11. The increased exposure created through an intensive marketing and advertising campaign, which focuses solely on your auction, generates more interest and qualified purchasers, assuring top results!
  12. You’ll have the benefit of over half a century worth of industry experience at your service!

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